How to scan your computer for viruses

Viruses have troubled computer users for a long time and the list of people trying to maliciously enter into the inner working of your computer is never-ending. Thankfully it’s harder than ever for them to send viruses as both Windows and Apple have become very good at stopping them.

Is it worth downloading anti-virus software?

If you only go on a computer to check Facebook and write some word files then you’re probably not going to need to pay for anti-virus software. For high-risk users who download a lot of files, this becomes more of an issue.

If you have anti-virus software then it’s simply going to be a case of opening up the program and pressing the scan button. They can have different levels of scans and also different files that you can scan when you want to.

Selecting a quick scan option is going to dramatically reduce the time that you spend scanning but it’s always a good idea to run a full scan every now and again to be able to have a deeper check to see if there are any threats.

Without an anti-virus

Microsoft have Windows Defender and Apple have Gatekeeper. For most users these are going to be fine and will be able to prevent any threats. They are very simple to use and able to offer you a very good level of protection.

The level of protection that you need corresponds to how you use your computer. Scanning for viruses is very easy if you have the software available and once you have run the test, you will have peace of mind that you are protected.