Explainer Videos: How to Write the Script

From the recent past, the fact that explainer videos can boost a website’s sales and work miracles on your overall e-commerce site is much alive. Marketers have found a secret weapon to beat their competitors pants down and continue ripping many profits with their products and services. This has seen upcoming entrepreneurs want to delve into this marketing strategy so that they can also have their piece of the cake online. But this is not without few mishaps here and there, as most end up violating some important rules which in the end hurts the effectiveness of their videos being able to work as they should. The endeavor therefore not only costs the entrepreneur precious time which they should be concentrating on other aspects of their sales but also breaks their pockets. To create a perfect explainer video for your site, one needs to start from the script down. If the script is not correctly written, then doom to the entire video and its intentions are spelled. Here is what you should do to make the script a killer.

1.    The script should follow a classic structure

Not only is a basic script structure followed when creating a Hollywood film, but also on simple website explainer videos. The structure leaves the video engaging to your audiences. The ‘What, How and Why’ aspect needs to be taken into account. You should identify what the problem is, how your products and services are key to arrest the problem, and finally why your audience needs to choose your services and products, instead of your competitors’.

2.    The script should be short

This boils down to online viewers’ concentration span which is always wanting, only 8.25 seconds. Concentration span can further be affected when the script is boring. Short script means a short video which viewers can follow until the end. Bear in mind that not only do you want them to watch to the end, but also make a purchase once they finish watching. The ideal length of an explainer video should be maximum 2 minutes.

3.    A Call to Action that is Clear

In your script state clearly what your customers should do when they finish watching the explainer video. State whether they need to download a demo or an eBook, share the video, subscribe to a free newsletter, etc. Whatever it is, make it clear. Also, refrain from making many call-to-actions in the video as this may end up confusing them. If in case your marketing strategies entail having the various call to action segments, be sure to put them on different scripts and use them in your various campaigns.