Here are why explainer videos are good for an e-commerce shop

These days most people are embracing explainer videos in their e-commerce sites. Compared to the many marketing strategies that are available, these have proven to be effective and pocket-friendly. It’s an ideal marketing tool as it sees your business develop fast, boosts conversion rates and improves the sales.  Many businesses are a living testimony that explainer videos are indeed the ideal tool for effectively describing your products and services as they keep the viewers engaged. These videos have also proved to help in search engines ranking in that business that don’t use explainer videos remain redundant and rank poorly in search engines. While there are many benefits of explanatory videos for websites, here are a few.

1.Introduces your products in a simple manner

Most internet users have a pretty short attention span and are impatient as well. Reading through web pages to find what they are looking for is practically impossible unless there is some visual content. Marketers understand this aspect, therefore, integrating explainer videos in the websites. Visual content is much more memorable than text and makes it easy to explain the purpose of your business to the online visitors. The fact that they are memorable they will keep on resonating in your customers’ mind thus compelling them to get more information and understanding of your products and services that text would push them to purchase your products and services.

2.    Compels them to make a purchase

Research shows that up to 64% of people watching explainer videos of a product or service over the internet are more likely to purchase the product or service immediately the video finishes playing. Explainer videos grow your business with its ability to precisely and effectively explain your products and services. While your company grows the videos allow your business to get more following and consequently boost your sales. This is the reason why most entrepreneurs are embracing the use of these videos as an advertising and information sharing tool than ever before.

3.    Shareability

To make optimum use of these videos business, people not only use them on their sites but rather share them o various free video hosting websites. Common and free video hosting platforms in use today include Vimeo and Youtube, which enable entrepreneurs to upload and optimize the videos using keywords. Also, most of these platforms come along with added advantages such as being compatible when using a smartphone even though your site may not be mobile friendly. Clients can easily watch and share these videos online.