Commonly Used Types of Explainer Videos

These days, more people are taking to doing business online rather than conducting it offline. While they can effectively do this on various social media platforms, the conversion rate is high when one has a website to conduct business from. Launching one is vital but much work aimed at marketing it also needs to be done, to enable it to get ranked high on various search engines. A well-ranking site tends to have high traffic on a given day thus increased sales. While there is a myriad of marketing techniques used for websites and blogs, today, most people prefer explainer videos for their myriad advantages such as affordability and effectiveness in growing your online business. There are many kinds of explainer videos to use, but there are as well some common types used, which are sure to work wonders. Here are some of them.

1.    Whiteboard animation videos for the web

This one is both a classic type of animation videos and is considered the best type there is. In itself, whiteboard has an immense wealth of educational power. Most of the top-selling websites have integrated these kinds of videos. The uses of animated characters in these videos make them possess a human side that makes them communicate directly with their intended audience without the risk of losing their explanatory might.

2.    The motion graphic videos

Since time immemorial, the uses of graphic designs while explaining things have been dearly embraced. It is considered accurate. However, enhancing it by adding digital motion to it makes it more attractive and engaging, and motion graphic explainer videos have achieved this. You will find these kinds of explainer videos applied when explaining abstract concepts because they have a great synthesis power.  Motion videos can also be merged with more animated videos like a cartoon and the result a short but meaningful explanation without losing their animated characters human touch.

3.    Cartoon Animated explainer videos

Most marketers fall in love with the cartoon animated videos because they usually get more personal with the targeted audience. Their colors, backgrounds, and characters suited for the intended audience make it an ideal explainer video that grows identification within them and makes them realize brand trust. Explainer video cartoons should be customizable so that the viewer can feel that the video was specifically meant for them. This nurtures the identification feeling in them thereby inspiring them to make a purchase or subscribe to your services.