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How do I scan cPanel for viruses?

If you have chosen cPanel hosting and you’re worried about safety, there are several features that scan cPanel for viruses. Among them are ClamAV, the Quick Security Scan, and Security Advisor. After a potential security threat is identified, these features help the user resolve each issue.

The ClamAV® Virus Scanner works by scanning the account services for malicious software. The system prompts you to carry out the appropriate action if the ClamAV® Virus Scanner identifies a potential security threat.

What is ClamAV?

To those new to this type of website hosting, Clam AntiVirus is an open-source program that can detect a wide array of viruses and other threats. The interface only shows up if the ClamAV Scanner software is installed in WHM’s Manage Plugins interface.
To start a new scan of a service on your cPanel hosting account, you need to choose the service to scan and then take one of the following measures:
  • Press on Scan Mail to have all of your account’s mail folders scanned.
  • Scan Public FTP Space to have all of the folders that you can publicly access through FTP services scanned. This option looks for infected files in the public_ftp directory in your account. You don’t have to run this scan if you don’t share files via FTP.
  • Scan Entire Home Directory 
  • Scan Public Web Space 
Finally, click on Scan Now. A new interface will pop up during the scan displaying information on data, infected files, number of processed files out of the total, and scanner progress. You will see how much data is being processed, how many files are infected, and more.
It might take a few minutes to complete the scan. Then, you’re taken back to the Virus Scanner interface.

Finding Infected Files

If the virus scan detects such, you can choose to either ignore, destroy, or quarantine them. If you choose the third option, the virus scanner moves the file to /home/username/quarantine_clamavconnector, which is the quarantine directory. Username stands for your account username.
If you ignore the prompt, the virus scanner leaves the infected file unaltered. Finally, pressing on Destroy will have the infected file deleted.

Security Advisor

This feature will run a security scan on your server and give you tips on resolving detected security issues.

Background Process Killer

This feature lets you choose processes that will be terminated by the system when the UPCP script activates the system maintenance script (/scripts/maintenance) every night. You’ll be notifed by email if the system terminates a process.

R-fx Networks

This is a virus definitions database developed for shared hosting environments. It’s an important part of cPanel hosting. Finally, A2 Hosting’s custom virus definitions database has viruses previously detected on actual systems.
Most of these scans should be performed often to check if any of your website files have become infected by common viruses.

Complete the Scan

Press on Process Cleanup to complete the virus scan process. That’s it! Talk to your website hosting provider to learn more tips on safety and scanning if you’re using cPanel hosting.

Have fun!

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